Opinions or advice? Let The Chart know

At The Chart, we diligently try to publish news from an unbiased and neutral point of view.

We understand, however, that individuals may believe we miss part of stories or don’t delve into information as deeply as we should. We don’t do this intentionally, but we understand it happens. This is where you, our readership, comes in.

If you, or anyone you know, ever has a concern or an opinion to share, please send us an email or comment on an article on the website. This is your paper too.

We feel as if our role on campus is to start and host community conversations about campus-wide issues, and editorials from audience is one way to spark that. By doing this, we can help shine a light on issues that may not otherwise come to the surface. We understand that we are human and occasionally miss stories.

If you know of a story that you feel deserves coverage or of a story you feel we missed, please let us know. We won’t be offended and we hold your opinions in high esteem.

We want to provide our readership with the best possible product, and you can play a big part in helping us do that.

Ultimately, The Chart is here to serve the general public and we hope to do so for years to come.

To send a letter to the editor, email us at [email protected] As long as the letter isn’t libelous or extremely offensive, we will publish it in the following week’s issue. This is your chance to speak up; we hope to hear from you.