Senate calls session early for fundraising

Student Senate held a brief body meeting on Wednesday evening as they tried to get to Leggett & Platt Gymnasium as quickly as possible to host a fundraising booth for their annual philanthropy, St. Baldrick’s.

In the meeting, capital improvement’s chair Stephany Aguinaga discussed her subcommittee’s upcoming plans.

“Tonight we will discuss our office furniture and hopefully come to a final decision on that,” said Aguinaga. “We will also discuss making more options available for students to recycle around campus.”

Treasurer Ashleigh Thomlinson gave a budget report, and after the money from student fees for the spring semester had been applied to the total, Senate’s budget sat at $58,499.

Before adjourning to committees, Dean of Students and Senate Adviser Ron Mitchell urged all Senators to go online and complete the Title IX training located on Blackboard.

“We have put an incentive there to get students to participate,” said Mitchell. “This is a federally mandated training, but we aren’t requiring students to take it — we are asking you to. If you do, you can win one of two iPad Minis or one of five $50 bookstore gift certificates.”

To be entered for the prize, students must complete the training by Friday, Feb. 27, according to Mitchell.

In the finance committee, appropriations for two registered student organizations were unanimously approved. The two organizations requesting funds were the Model UN and the Physics Club. After the finance committee, the entire body will vote on the appropriations next week.

Senate will review a request from Kappa Alpha before Monday. It will be brought before the Senate body next week if the committee approves it.