Senate looks to improve campus with locator map


John Davidson/The Chart

Senate holds meeting on Wednesday, Feb 25

Wednesday served up an eventful body meeting for Missouri Southern’s Student Senate, as they reviewed the cost and design of campus additions.

Capital Improvements Chair Sephany Aguinaga, on behalf of the committee, proposed an idea and budget for new Senate office furniture, which has been a priority this semester.

The plan is to add one main desk and office chair, two smaller desks with chairs, two chairs to place in front of the main desk for visitors and two armchairs to go outside of the office. The total cost of the furniture Senate hopes to purchase is $1,283.94.

A potential problem when looking to buy the furniture is that the state prefers schools to purchase furniture through them, according to Vice President Brooklyn Lampe.

“Typically, we are supposed to order everything through the state,” said Lampe. “They make a lot of furniture in the prisons and it is nice, but it is also pricey. Unless they don’t offer anything in similar dimensions, we may have to purchase from them.”

The Senate body then decided to modify the request and set a budget not to exceed $1,500, allowing them ample wiggle room if the prices offered by the state are higher.

Senate also reviewed a campus map that the capital improvements committee pitched.

The map would have a viewing area of 42” x 28.25”. The cost for the sign, which would be placed on the Oval, would be $1,951.83 after shipping. Staff Senate, according to Aguinaga, recommended the company they received the quote from.

Several Senate members, including Treasurer Ashleigh Thomlinson, believed that the price was steep.

“Have we looked to see if a local company could do it for a lower price?” asked Thomlinson. “I would like to at least consider looking at different options because I know, as a student, I wouldn’t want to spend this much money on the sign.”

Eventually, the sign discussion was tabled for discussion at a later date.