Plaster Hall to undergo a number of changes

The Plaster Hall coffee shop project has currently come to a halt while the business department sorts out the financial specifics of the build.

Despite the current delay, Robert Harrington, director of the physical plant, still hopes to start the project in the summer and have it finished by the beginning of the fall semester. His office is currently receiving all of the estimates.

The coffee shop has recently been lumped together with what is being referred to as the portico project. The business department, led by the Dean of the School of Business John Groesbeck, is looking to remodel the patio under the portico in the front of Plaster.

“The shop construction got connected with the portico re-do project, which was waiting for a possible donor response, so it all hit the pause for a bit,” said Groesbeck.

The initial plan is to remove the slope in front of the building and make the entire patio flat, with stairs going down to the road, according to Robert Harrington, director of the physical plant.

“That area would then have tables and chairs on it and would have a door that would access the lobby in front of Cornell Auditorium for easy access,” said Harrington.

If approved, Harrington believes the patio construction will begin in the summer, as well. The question remains on who will eventually pay for the project.

“There was an indication that the Plaster Foundation might pay for this renovation and we are currently waiting for their board to make the determination to pay for it or not,” said Harrington.

A few difficulties will come with the construction of the coffee shop.

“There are some pretty significant things we will have to do,” said Harrington. “The glass walls and doors they want to have on the front of the shop have to be fire-rated, for example.”

When the estimates come in, Harrington will send them to the executive council for review.