Our Opinion: Rioting, looting does not provide solution for Baltimore

It seems like a week can no longer go by without riots erupting in the wake of tragedy in the United States.

Last fall, we had the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Mo., and most recently, the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore, Md.

The case of Brown has been told a million times from either side, and could at least merit a debate as to who was at fault, but the Gray case makes it difficult to side with the police force. While in custody, Gray received injuries that resulted in his eventual death.

After an event like this takes place, individuals have a right to be angry, moreover, they should be. The men and women who are hired to protect citizens should not kill individuals they have in custody. However, should that anger conclude with riot?

Our answer is no.

Burning down buildings, smashing police (and citizen) cars and stealing from stores will get the media’s attention, but what kind of reputation is being cultivated by those acts?

A fairly poor one.

Individuals cannot let their anger get in the way of progress. Be mad, be pissed off, but use those emotions to bring about the betterment of the community for future generations, not to tear down your home.