Southern develops study abroad program with Mexican university

A new partnership program that will allow students from Hidalgo University in Pachuca, Mexico, to attend classes at Missouri Southern beginning next Fall was announced March 20.

According to Dr. Chad Stebbins, director of the Institute of International Studies, the program came to fruition after Stebbins, Kevin Teller from the international English program and Lora Zaidarhzauva and Craig Thompson from international admissions met with representatives from Hidalgo University at the Mexican consulate in Kansas City last October, when the agreement was signed.

“They appeared to be really pleased to have this agreement with Southern,” said Stebbins. “This is a university of nearly 40,000 enrollment and, amazingly, we learned they only send about 40 students abroad every year. Only 40 out of 40,000.”

According to Stebbins, students who come to Southern through the program would most likely be on campus for a single semester and would live in the University’s residence halls. Additionally, they would only be required to pay in-state tuition.

“We encourage them to think about coming for an entire year,” said Stebbins. “If they have sufficient English scores, they could take almost any class we offer. If they had low English scores, then they would take courses in our international English program.”

Though travel warnings for Mexico tied to safety concerns are diminishing, the likelihood of Southern students studying abroad at Hidalgo is slim.

“This is a very safe region of Mexico,” said Stebbins, “but the only students we could send would be students studying Spanish. They don’t offer any courses taught in English.”

In addition to the agreement with Missouri Southern, Hidalgo University also signed agreements with the University of Missouri – Kansas City and the University of Kansas. For more information about the partnership program between Missouri Southern and Hidalgo University, contact Stebbins at (417) 625-9736.