‘The View’ has bad vision


The View stars Michelle Collins and Joy Behar are in some hot water following comments made about Miss Colorado. The show, popular in a number of markets, has been airing on ABC since its creation in 1997.

Jacob Harp, Staff Writer

There has been a recent explosion on the news and social media concerning comments made by a few hosts of The View, the go-to source (besides bingo halls) for the hottest stories for middle-aged women everywhere.

The controversy surrounds the comments made by Michelle Collins and especially Joy Behar.

They hatefully mocked the talent performed by Miss Colorado during the Miss America pageant the night before, and Behar even asked, “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on her neck?”

The gall.

Sense my sarcasm?

Do I think their comments were well-informed?

Of course not.

Do I even care, even in the slightest, what a few washed-up gossips think about my profession?

Of course not.

Do I think The View offers anything remotely positive to society?

Of course not.

I don’t know how a show with such little value continues to air (but that’s beside the point).

That being said, the recent outbreak of criticism for their comments is overkill. A little ridiculous even.

The hosts were not mocking the profession of nursing; they were making jokes about how one contestant chose to use her talent portion of a beauty pageant.

They were not implying that only doctors could use stethoscopes; they just didn’t know that nurses commonly use them.

By asking a question, isn’t Behar explicitly admitting her ignorance?

Because of the public outcry, five major sponsors of the talk show (including Johnson & Johnson) have left the program in the rearview mirror.

While I think it would be awesome if The View ceased to exist (where else would I possibly go for all the most current news?), is it really going to happen because of the comments made in this short segment?

In the world today, there are issues that are far more important.

Let’s stop worrying about the things that aren’t.