Texas high school football players deserve punishment

Deshayne Jones, Staff Writer

What is the world coming to?

Two Texas high school football players attending John Jay High School were filmed brutally tackling a referee during a game.

They say the ref made racial slurs, prompting the suggested retaliation from an assistant football coach.

“During the game, two players [from] John Jay High School targeted one of the game officials and blindsided him to the ground,” police said in a Monday statement to KENS-5 TV reporters.

Attorney and former police officer James Reeves told KENS-5, “Depending on the investigation findings, the two players could face criminal assault charges.”

There should be no reason for physically attacking someone because of the things they say. The two athletes involved should be suspended. The referee should be fired from his position.

John Jay player No. 81 was seen running from the flank and barreling into the referee headfirst. No. 12 is seen charging into the back of the referee from seven yards away as the ref watched the play unfold nine yards in front of him.

Wayne Elliot, the Austin Football Officials Associated secretary, told the Associated Press, “The first thing we want is that those two kids never play football again.”

Marble Falls coach Matt Green said John Jay coach Gary Guiterrez apologized afterwards.

Green told the Express-News that the rival was upset with his players and does not believe Guiterrez condoned their actions. Those players should be punished for the act they committed. It’s one thing to think about hurting someone; it’s completely different when a person follows through with those thoughts.