Numbers don’t lie, college makes life a little easier


Infographic by Matthew Barney | The Chart

According to the US Census Bureau, holders of a bachelor’s degree make significantly more every year when it comes to average salary.

Our Opinion

College is a momentous step in one’s life – a leap for your future and a commitment to education that can be complicated; As we all know though, degrees have become a necessity.

Still, with the average college experience evolving, most struggle to meet the lofty requirements. This reality gives us the opportunity to learn the real lesson from college: perseverance.

Success is not something that is found overnight, and for that matter it is not something continued in a similar fashion. To be successful is to be diligent, place one’s nose to the grindstone and forget failure as an option.

Universities continue to ask more of us, and while at face value it may seem over-dramatic, it really is what needs to be done.

The real world is not a tame kitten. It is a foul beast with bad intentions, and to survive, you must be prepared.

That is what the college experience is all about. Pushing our minds and bodies to the breaking point in the hope that later in life things will seem like a cake-walk in comparison.

Well, that and the beers and parties, that is.

I digress.

Take in the entirety of what we are here to do. Use this time for all it is worth and in the end, satisfaction will follow, whether that comes to you in dollars or sense.