Peek behind the curtain

Don’t be dumb, be informed.

Most of us are smart enough to realize we cannot rely on CNN and Fox News to consistently deliver the truth. Since these major news sources are privately owned, their content can ultimately be decided by someone who wants one story broadcast and another story kept off the air.

The government is not keen on a media that releases facts that might turn the nation into an uproar. Although our politicians and news reporters say they are being transparent, I think there is more to many stories that we hear discussed once before they are, in a sense, thrown away afterwards.

Unfortunately, many Americans are too lazy and ignorant to do their research on issues concerning foreign affairs, our national debt, and other troubling matters that truly affect you and me. We are too distracted by what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wore last night to care about policies that determine our future rights and freedoms.

Does anybody know what is happening on our own American soil regarding our very own military troops occupying small cities across the Southern states? No, I imagine not. Well, let me inform you.

Jade Helm, an eight-week military exercise organized by the army’s Special Operations Command, was designed to give Green Berets and other special forces realistic war game experience.

Although this sounds harmless, many found it alarming that around the same time this “military exercise” began, Walmart Supercenters in each of the Southern states where the operation was taking place in closed due to “plumbing issues.”

Now, know that I am not a conspiracy theorist, but also know that I do not believe in coincidences. Were the plumbing issues the real reason why these Walmarts closed? No, it can’t be. Interesting fact about this entire Walmart shutdown is that there were no plumbing contracts distributed by Walmart for any repair or service. None. Nada. Nothing.

How could this be, unless there was possibly a hidden agenda or agreement made between our government and the retail superpower, Walmart?

I encourage you to be informed and don’t be ignorant on events that are happening right before your eyes. Kim Kardashian is cool, but your well-being and safety is much more important.