Tom Brady is untouchable


A sketch of Tom Brady appearing in court drawn by courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg.

When it’s all said and done, Tom Brady may go down as the best quarterback to ever grace a National Football League field.

I will take nothing away from Brady and what he’s accomplished as an NFL quarterback.

I’ve always thought of the Patriots as America’s team, and Tom Brady was America’s golden quarterback. Brady, regardless of the Patriots’ mistakes as a franchise, has always kept a clean, model and blue-collar image that made him half the superstar he is today.

On May 12, Brady was suspended four games for the deflation of footballs. Four months later, U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman overturned Brady’s four game suspension, not because he’s innocent, but because the NFL’s penalty was ruled to have been “legally misplaced.” According to Judge Berman, Brady wasn’t given any warning of a possible penalty and not given equal access to the investigative files and witness notes.

Berman concluded that there was no league precedent or policy for punishing players for being generally aware of misconduct by others, meaning there was no specific rule against Brady knowing the Patriots equipment guys were deflating the footballs.

Brady is the only player in history to defeat the commissioner, 31 owners, and the NFL in a seven-month span.

The commissioner, Rodger Goodell, finally did something right for a change in laying down the hammer on one of the league’s most profound athletes and franchises. Finally, someone besides Bryan Stork made Brady seem untouchable.

Ray Rice is unemployed but Brady opens up the season against the Steelers. A player has to sit for the use of performing enhancing drugs, but Brady plays after deflating footballs? How do you hand down a suspension and not have the guns to stand on it? The Ted Wells report is as good as useless at this point. Now, I won’t go as far as Brandon Marshall and make it a race thing, but Brady is held above the league in my opinion. The NFL truly didn’t want to punish its golden child.

Brady does it again, folks. The guy is just winner. He wins at everything. Now expect for Brady to completely embarrass teams after being humiliated for the last seven straight months.