To be continued…? Future of tunnel mural project still in limbo


Tunnel Mural

With construction now complete on the residence hall complex, the walking tunnel that connects the dorm and academic sides of campus has been reopened for student use, but the mural project that was put on hold when the tunnel closed is still on hiatus.

According to Burt Bucher, associate professor of art, there are currently no plans to move forward with the addition to the tunnel mural, which was originally supposed to be completed by May 2014. Despite this, Bucher is optimistic that mural project will resume soon.

The tunnel presently features some mural artwork from former Southern student Jordan Murdock, who was chosen by student senate to lead the original mural project in 2012 after talks of a tunnel beautification effort began.

After months of planning in student senate, which provided the initial funds for the project, painting of the mural began in May 2013. Murdock, an art student studying at Missouri Southern at the time, was chosen as the lead artist.

By August of 2013, the initial mural had been completed, but plans to extend it throughout the rest of the tunnel were soon made. Former Southern student and art major Kristen Stacey was chosen as the new lead artist, taking over for Murdock. However, construction on the new residence hall complex caused the tunnel to be closed before work could begin on the mural extension.

Stacy transferred to Missouri State University after the completion of the spring 2015 semester, but she says Southern purchased her designs for new mural project before she left.