The Debate: Did Kam Chancellor make the right decision?

Ian Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

Do we all know what leverage is?

I picture your collective heads nodding now, but, oh wait, Kam Chancellor looks confused.

Well, let me elaborate for him.

Leverage is what you had while you sat a home on your couch.

Leverage is what you gained more of as the Seahawks crumbled at the feet of the Packers and Rams without you, and leverage is what you lost when you decided to go against your own word and return to the team.

Kam, my momma told me that grownups keep their word, even when the pressure is on and things grow increasingly difficult.

If you didn’t want your team to struggle, YOU SHOULD HAVE SHOWN UP FOR TRANNING CAMP.

Now you are the man with egg on your face, a rotten, nasty egg that may only be solved in one simple manner: a change of scenery.

Maybe you come back and tear it up, trending upward like you did in the previous couple of years. But my argument is what if you do not? What if the team continues to struggle and the “value” you had on the couch falls off the table?

Kam, I respect your reasoning, I do; but at the end of the day the league cares about dollars, not you, and you should have continued to reflect that sentiment.