Kevin becoming a deadly ‘Durantula’

Kevin Durant just seems so nice out there on the basketball court. Durant doesn’t strike me as a guy who trash-talks and tries to hurt your feelings. But according to the Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green, Durant is one of the more underrated trash-talkers in the NBA.

During his appearance on The Freddie Coleman Show on ESPN Radio, Green spoke about how good of trash-talker Durant is. “KD makes you feel bad about yourself, that you ever talked junk,” Green said. “It’s the funniest thing in the world.”

For the past two or three seasons, Durant has been trying to do away with his squeaky clean image on the hardwood. Come to find out, while Durant is dropping 50 on you, he’s making you feel like less of a person.

Not to mention, Durant will be seeking vengeance after missing 55 games last season. I would love to see Durant just snatch the soul out of any defender who tries to check and talk trash to him this season.

The Durantula is the deadliest breed of spider on this planet.