Eight tips to keep your fall romance moving

Now that we’ve all figured out that fall is definitely the perfect season to date, here are a couple of tips that will help you to find and keep that special one.

1. PLAN. Waiting until the last minute may make things spontaneous or disastrous. Plan your date in advance. Plan to go somewhere your date likes.

2. RESPECT. Yes, your date looks immaculate and you’re impressed as the evening goes on. However, don’t push physical attraction too soon. Let your date know you’re attracted to their mind—body and soul come afterwards.

3. LISTEN. Listening is very important at any stage of dating or a relationship. Show your date you know them better at the end of the date than you did in the beginning.

4. STAY LIGHT. Do something positive you both can share without it being embarrassing. Select something appealing to your date. Maybe see a romantic comedy or take a quiet walk in the park. Whatever you do, do not sit and talk about your exes, troubled kids, etc. These conversations will come later if the relationship progresses.

5. CONNECT. Make a real effort to find commonalities. Listen and learn a little about each other’s childhoods and past. See if your values and life’s outlooks are similar.

6. ANTICIPATE. As always, you should look your best. A light kiss at the end of the night that promises more … someday … is sexier than a lip-scrunching kiss that surprises your date and possibly pushes them away.

7. LAUGH. Don’t forget to laugh. Laughter is bonding, infectious and attractive. Laughter is also a great way to release any nervousness.

8. SHOW AFFECTION. Acknowledge someone’s kindness, thoughtfulness or generosity. Don’t assume anything and don’t come off as being spoiled. Verbally let them know their hard work, planning or good humor didn’t go unnoticed. And make yourself an irresistible choice for future dates.

These eight tips are sure to help you with your social life and your dating. Good luck!