Who’s funding what?

Jacob Harp, Staff Writer

Does Uncle Sam fund abortion?

Let’s say Bill is an alcoholic who needs a grand total of $50 to buy groceries for his hungry family.

He gathers his money, and he realizes that he has the necessary $50 to pay for his groceries. His Uncle Sam (being the ever-generous man that he is) wants to help him out as well. His Uncle Sam doesn’t want to enable Bill’s destructive behavior, so he gives Bill $50 and makes him promise he will only spend the money on groceries.

Bill agrees.

Bill proceeds to go and spend the $50 from Uncle Sam on groceries (just like he promised), and he spends his own $50 on the alcohol. Bill would not have been able to purchase the alcohol if his uncle had not given him the extra $50.

So here is the question: Did Uncle Sam’s money go to fund Bill’s alcohol purchase?

Any logical person looking at this example can see that it was indirectly Sam’s money that purchased the alcohol.

So why are there people dogmatically proclaiming that the government isn’t funding abortions by financially supporting Planned Parenthood?

Let me break it down for you.

Planned Parenthood needs $50 to provide routine health care for women.

The organization gathers its funds (from private sources mostly), and realizes it has the necessary $50 to pay for these services.

Now Uncle Sam (yes, that was intentional) wants to help Planned Parenthood provide these services, but he doesn’t want to financially support a controversial procedure with tax dollars.

So he makes Planned Parenthood promise not to use government funding for abortions.

Planned Parenthood agrees.

Planned Parenthood proceeds to go and spend the $50 from Uncle Sam on routine health care (just like it promised), and it spends the other $50 on abortions.

Planned Parenthood would not have been able to fund these abortions if the government had not given it the extra $50.

So here is the question, regardless of your stance on the issue: Did Uncle Sam’s money go to fund abortion?

Allow me to ask some follow-up questions: If government money isn’t indirectly going to fund abortion, why is the #shoutyourabortion movement beginning when the government is threatening to cut funding to Planned Parenthood?

If Uncle Sam isn’t funding these procedures in the first place, then why get upset?