The Jacksons are back

So has anybody heard about this new show called The Jacksons: Next Generation?

Is everyone trying to bring Michael Jackson back to the surface?

Allegedly, Michael had been keeping a secret from everyone about his kids, and I’m not talking about Blanket. It seems a little weird and shocking that they’re doing a reality TV series – but Prince, Paris and Blanket have always wanted to bring their lives to the limelight.

I personally love Michael Jackson, but I don’t know too much about his personal life, let alone his children.

Michael has impacted so many lives with his music and his courage, but will his children do the same? Will this show be a plea to get attention, or will it catch viewers’ attention?

I hope this reality show allows the viewers to see that this family is still strong after the passing of a close loved one.

I would love for the show to display Michael’s kids moving forward with his legacy. This should be an interesting show, assuming that Michael’s kids will give viewers and fans a look at how they grew up and how they were raised.

The Jacksons: Next Generation will air on VH1 on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

Will you tune in?