‘No Suicide in Springtime’ plays to full house for opening


Pablo Ortiz | The Chart

Macy Swink and Max Sullivan perform as Cora Yahko and “The Fancied Lover” during Southern Theatre’s production of “No Suicide in Springtime.”

Southern Theatre opened the second series of the fall season on Tuesday, Oct. 6 to a full house.

Dr. Jim Lile, department chair for the theatre department, directs the Southern Theatre production of No Suicide in Springtime. The production is set in a resort, described as being “a home for suicides…where no one has ever died.”

“I think [opening night] it went well,” said Lile. “I’m gauging that off of some things audience members said.”

The patients come to the clinic for a variety of reasons, and they can only see suicide as a solution.

“I didn’t watch the show,” said Lile. “If I did, I would keep messing with it and I would drive the actors nuts. It is their show, so from all I heard it went well.”

In the seating configuration for Bud Walton Arena for this performance, there is room for an audience of 134. For opening night, it was a full house.

Lile added that it is wonderful to see the production come to life. He said right now, he is able to see the product of the several week’s worth of production work.

“One of the wonderful, but nerveracking things about theatre is you do the work, and you hope and think it is going to be effective and good,” said Lile. “Then you have to test it.”

Lile continued to comment and say the cast has worked very hard and it is nice to get to the point where the show is open.

No Suicide in Springtime continues through Saturday, Oct. 10 at 7:30 each night, in Bud Walton Arena.

Students, faculty and staff can reserve tickets by calling the box offi ce at 625-3190. Adult tickets are $5, senior citizen and non-MSSU students are $3.