Black Student Union seeks to raise awareness


Pablo Ortiz | The Chart

The Black Student Union hopes to bring a greater sense of equality to the campus of Missouri Southern. The organization meets at 6:15 p.m. every Monday in Room 343 of the Billingsly Student Center.

Phaze Roeder, Staff Writer

Following racially charged events and protests earlier this month at the University of Missouri, students at Missouri Southern are adamant in the promotion of diversity within the student body. Kendric Carlock, sophomore secondary education major, has taken a direct approach in his stand for equality through the creation of the Black Student Union (BSU).

“We [BSU] haven’t taken a side on the issues occurring, we just hope that the things taking place there will help to bring our campus together,” said Carlock. “Racism exists at Mizzou but I don’t think it necessarily does at Southern. I think there is always room to grow, and coming closer as a student body is something we can always work on, and that is the purpose of BSU.”

Carlock hopes to increase the organization’s influence on campus through campus involvement, community service, and social awareness. The organization attended the mens basketball home opener at 7 p.m. Wednesday where they scanned tickets and hosted a face painting table for those in attendance.

A balloon release is also planned for the week following Thanksgiving break. The organization will have a table set up from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.Monday, Nov. 30, in the Lion’s Den for students to fill out messages of hope and inspiration. These notes will be released with the balloons the following afternoon at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1, on the Oval.

BSU members hope this demonstration will be a symbol of unity amongst the students attending Southern and act in response to the recent events at Missouri State.

Kendrick rebukes the opinion that the Black Student Union is just for black students. The name, he states, “just gives African Americans a sense of ownership.”

“I really like the name and what the club stands for,” said BSU member Ashleigh Floyd, freshman elementary education major. “I feel welcome here.”

According to Carlock, the current member diversity within BSU consists of 20 active members, with 14 African-Americans, six Caucasians, and two Hispanics.

The Black Student Union has recieved a mixed reaction from the campus community since its creation.

“You are always going to get negativity when you have an organization like this, but racism does exist and we aren’t going to turn a blind eye to it. We want to supply people with the resources to stand against it, and for our campus to stand together.”

The Missouri Southern Black Student Union meets Mondays at 6:15 pm in Room 343 of Billingsly Student Center.