Business Week events end in style


Brad Stout | The Chart

Karen Bradshaw, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, and Ken Surbrugg, consultant for the Small Business & Technology Development Center, assist Antonia Camberos, human resources major, with the GoVenture interactive game Nov. 18 in the Edward Jones Investment Lab in Plaster Hall.

Jack Girard, Staff Writer

Wrap up time for business week! After an eventful few days, it is time to recap.

On Monday business students presented their best ideas to Rapha House for new social media campaign for 2016. The charity organization devoted to taking care of the victims of human trafficking has struggled to get attention from a young audience and decided to speak directly to them. All of the best concepts were collected and are now being put to work.

The following day, the CEO of Component Packaging came to speak to any and all students that came in, and the free pizza drew a bit of a crowd. Later that day, customized starter packs for entrepreneurs were handed out and everyone was given a solid piece of advice.

Wednesday opened up the GoVenture interactive game. The online simulator shows the difficulty that starting businesses can struggle with. Thursday, one of the starting executives of TOMS spoke about infusing business with personality and purpose where she inspired the audience. She comes from Joplin and only felt it appropriate to speak to students from there.

Missouri Southern is one of the first participants of business week and plans to do it again next year for the ninth year in a row. The national initiative that started in England has expanded wildly to over 30 campuses.

Southern is special in that it holds several events as opposed to a singular grandiose spectacle. If nothing else, it makes the events easier to get to, and easier to approach.

It conveniently puts Southern at the top of the Business Week webpage as well. Ken Suburgg and Karen Bradshaw, the two organizers behind Southern’s business week spoke about the events.

The student think tank Monday was the result of a meeting they had with alumni who worked with Rapha House and the idea just clicked.

Karen said she wanted more young people to be involved in charity work. Ken said that he wanted to integrate new ideas into Business week. It worked well for everyone. Organizers hope next year will go just as well.