Student Senate approves new members


Brad Stout | The Chart

Jesse Walls, junior mass communication major, and Shelby Wright, freshman political science major, were both unanimously confirmed as Missouri Southern’s newest student senators Wednesday night. Walls joined the public relations committee while Wright will join the finance committee.

The Missouri Southern Student Senate welcomed two new faces to their chambers Wednesday evening during their weekly meeting in the Billingsly Student Center. Jesse Walls, junior mass communication major and Shelby Wright, freshman political science major, were both unanimously confirmed as new Senate members.

“I feel like I’m a part of the campus now, and I’m excited to start my political career,” said Wright. “As a political science major, we study legislation and how to best deal with policy making and decisions that will be helpful to the people. I feel like I can bring that here to the Student Senate.”

Walls and Wright’s appointments bring the total number of vacant seats on the assembly down to eight.

“I wanted to join the Senate to make a difference here at Southern,” said Walls. “I’m a person who’s been influenced by great people in my academic career, and I have a goal to continue that and become an influential person myself.”

In other news, four separate student organizations went before the finance committee to request appropriations funding.

The Missouri Southern K Club, Biology Club, Caduceus Club, and the National Association for Music Educators Collegiate chapter (NAfME) all appeared at the finance committee meeting requesting $1000 for various conference and travel fees.

“I’m hoping that going to this conference will get all my creative juices flowing,” said Lorenda Sumpter, senior general education major.

The Finance Committee approved the requested $1,000 in appropriations for all four clubs. Wright abstained from both votes in her first session as a committee member. Jacob Layne, sophomore political science major, was the only Senator to cast a vote against any of the appropriation requests.

“We need to be a fiscally responsible organization,” said Layne. “We have to make sure clubs aren’t using us. Some organizations know the system and know they can get the $1000 each semester. I’m here to fund clubs that need money and not support other elite interests.”

The committee has handed out $10,000 in funding this Semester.