Kelce’s ‘Hit the Quan’ causes no concern

So Carolina Panthers franchise quarterback Cam Newton has been ‘Dabbing’ across end zones left and right while leading his team to an 11-0 start. Dabbing is a new dance originating in Atlanta. Dabbing has infectiously taken over social network and every sports locker room in America. After 15 minutes have passed, there will be another dance craze sweeping the nation.

But, on Nov. 15 against the Tennessee Titans, Newton’s super dabbing ways rubbed not just a few Titans players but a few Titans fans the wrong way.

Rosemary Plorin, a Titans fan, wrote a letter to the Charlotte Observer, calling out Newton for being arrogant and a poor role model.

Two Sunday’s later, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce scored a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills and proceeded to show Arrowhead Stadium and the millions watching his ‘Hit the Quan’ dance. Perhaps you’ve seen it. If not, shame on you. Hit the Quan was the previous dance craze sweeping across America before dabbing.

Like Newton, Kelce also received a letter from a fan. Danny Woods, the Chiefs 14th biggest fan, wrote a letter to Kelce saying that Kelce was wasting his talents on the gridiron and how he should audition at a male strip club.

Now, Woods letter seem to be more sarcastic and fun than serious as Woods even goes on to suggest Kelce to ‘Milly Rock’ this upcoming Sunday. Milly rocking is the latest dance craze sweeping across America. I have a great milly rock by the way.

In all seriousness, this speaks to a bigger picture. Newton dabs and an angry football mom questions his role model skills. Kelce hits the quan and seemingly it’s all rainbows and giggles. The discrepancy. Newton’s dabbing has him in the Most Valuable Player discussion and currently, his team is undefeated through 11 games. Kelce on the other hand, is just a very talented tight end who no one knows, yet. This isn’t a matter of race. But allow me to throw out a hypothetical. Kelce is a white man who plays tight end. Tight end is not a glamor position. Newton is African American man and plays quarterback. Quarterback is a glamor position. Does Kelce receive the same criticism that Newton got if he played quarterback? Nevertheless, we’ll never know.

At the end of the day, this could be nothing more than two football stars auditioning for Dancing with the Stars. Newton and Kelce both have great rhythm. They’re definitely in tuned with today’s dance moves. I expect both of these guys to find the end zone several more times before seasons end. Make sure your tuned in to witness some great dance moves.