Business owners learn cash flow

Southern’s Small Business and Technology Development Center is offering an opportunity for small business owners to take a hard look at their cash flow in the course Predicting Cash Needs. The course, which will be held on March 3, helps business owners to determine when and how they will have an excess or shortage of cash.

Ken Surbrugg, who teaches the course, said, “It is a way for business owners to look at their past sales records and to estimate what their future cash needs will be based on their projections and their past sales trends.”

The course, which is offered several times per year, is open to both small business owners and those interested in starting a small business. The class is three hours long.

“Instead of just picking a number, it’s putting the methodology on what you’re selling each month,” Surbrugg said. “It really takes an investigative look at a company’s cash flow.”

Small business owners must pay $69 for a course that Surbrugg describes as “approachable.” The course, according to Surbrugg, is not taught on the level of a 300 or 400 course.

Surbrugg went on to explain why a course like this is important to have available for small business owners.

“Different businesses have different cash needs throughout the year,” Surbrugg said. “This workshop helps identify when you’ll have an excess of cash and a shortage of cash. It really opens up a lot of eyes.”

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, March 3 from 1:30 to 4:30 in Plaster Hall’s room 108. The workshop will be held again on August 3. The Southern Small Business and Technology Development Center holds many different courses throughout the year, all of which can be found at on the calendar.