Ferrell and Wahlberg team up for another adventure

Daddys Home to show on campus


Daddy’s Home to show on campus

Morgan Reed, Staff Writer

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have reunited, hanging up their detective badges from “The Other Guys” to compete as opposing father figures battling prove their own superiority. 

In “Daddy’s Home,” Brad (Ferrell) is a happy, kind-hearted guy who is married to a woman who has two children, from a previous marriage. To most men, this may seem as an overwhelming situation to have to take on a stepfather role, but to Brad it is a dream come true. Brad is driven to be the best possible father figure to his stepchildren and is pumped each and every time he gets to spend quality time with them.

When everything seems to be heading in the right direction, Dusty (Wahlberg) the ex-husband and biological father, decides to pop back into the picture and is determined to win his family over and takes extreme measures to get it done. 

Brad and Dusty are quite opposite in terms of attitude, physique, background, talent and interests. Dusty has that complete bad boy image and attitude, while Brad has a positive outlook and can’t keep his nose out of motivational self-help books. This contrast sets up a great stage for entertainment.

Daddy’s Home is not overloaded with humor, but it also isn’t lacking. I would not list it as one of my favorites in regards to comedy and even of Ferrell movies, but it was enjoyable to watch. Also, if you are someone who is in love with Wahlberg, not to worry there are plenty of shirtless moments to enjoy.

If this sounds like a movie you could get down with, you’re in luck. The Campus Activities Board will be playing this movie in Phelps Theatre, located on the 1st floor of Billingsly Student Center on Thursday, Mar. 3 and Friday, Mar. 4 at 6:30 p.m. both evenings. Admission is free with a student I.D. and candy and drinks will be provided free of charge.