Senate funding to support battered women’s group


Pablo Ortiz, The Chart

The Missouri Southern student senate assembled for their weekly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 10. A $1000 appropriation was given to Koinonia, a Christian campus ministry group, for expensises related to a charity event set to happen on Feb. 25.

The Missouri Southern Student Senate approved a $1,000 funding appropriation for the Christian campus ministry group Koinonia during its session Wednesday evening. The allotment will support an event the club is hosting with local charity Rapha House on Feb. 25 in the Billingsly Student Center. 

“We want to reach out to organizations that do the most good in the places where they’re absolutely needed,” said Koinonia President Randall Blake Moss, senior health promotion and wellness major. “With Rapha House, they’re helping a very specific criteria of person, women who were abused and tortured and harmed in countries that are highly matriarchal or countries where their religion allows them to punish others, and so we wanted to be able to help their organization.”

Koinonia is a transliterated form of a Greek word which mean communion or joint participation. The club has been on the campus of Missouri Southern since 1967. Their event will feature a display of artwork created by the women of Rapha House as well as other merchandise offered by the charity.

 “It’s important for Senate to be involved in things like this and to let everybody know that we really care and want to support people who take the initiative to help others locally or internationally,” said Senator Shelby Wright, freshman political science major. 

In other news, Student Senate advisor Darren Fullerton, vice president of student affairs, informed the Senate of recent legislation being debated in Jefferson City about issues ranging from campus meal plans and health insurance for students to funding for campus housing and guns on campus. Information on these bills and others affecting Southern Students can be found online on the Missouri Department of Higher Education website. 

“It’s important for students to know what’s going on in our state legislative system. These things can affect us,” said Senator Gerson Perez, freshman public relations major.