Creed brings Rocky into the 21st century

Haven Falkner, Staff Writer

In the 1976’s a movie series called “Rocky” came out and became the highest grossing film of that year. 

This series was about a humble cage fighter, Rocky Balboa who got a shot at the world heavyweight championship. 

This series made actor Sylvester Stallone, a household name, and even today if you admit to never having seen the series you’re met with a disbelieving gasp at the very least.

Just when you thought the Rocky movies were finished, “Creed” hit the theaters. “Creed” is a continuation of the “Rocky” series, yet instead of stepping into the cage to fight, Rocky Balboa steps aside to mentor a young fighter Adonis Johnson. 

Johnson so happens to be the son of Rocky’s former rival, Apollo Creed, who died in the ring in the 1980’s. 

Forced to grow up without a father, Adonis attempts to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a fighting legend in his own right. 

To do this, he seeks out Rocky Balboa to train him. Rocky accepts, and they begin the journey to becoming a boxing champion.

Adonis Johnson is played young actor Michael B. Jordan. 

Did Jordan measure up to the expectations of a prize fighter? 

Stallone commented in an interview with GQ, “I couldn’t believe it: he had doubled his size, his upper back was spot-on as the kind of musculature a serious fighter would have. And his legs … I mean he literally became a specimen to be reckoned with.”

Did Creed deliver? 

Without a doubt, it does. 

Michael B. Jordan displays an amazing commitment as an actor. 

Not only is there amazing scenes of power, hard work, and fighting, there’s a heartwarming love story for the more sensitive. 

This movie has everything and more. 

As one witness claimed, “There’s no other way to put this, this movie is a knockout.”

You can see for yourself Feb. 25 or 26 at 6:30 in Phelps Theatre where it will be free to all Southern students. 

Free candy and drinks will be provided by the Campus Activities Board for viewers.