Video game tournament awards real cash

Check this out! Do you play video games religiously?

This is a crazy opportunity for 2K fans and all around gamers, esport is officially coming to 2K16! It’s time to pull your friends together and start practicing at 2K Pro-Am, for a chance at $250,000 and a trip to the 2016 NBA Finals. 

The world of sports and videogames are giving people a chance to turn your skills at “2K16” into dollars! This challenge will be spread across, Xbox one and PlayStation 4 systems, it will be a 5 on 5 competition among created players and everyone around the world. 

2K video games continue to advance each year, 2K16 gives you unlimited control over the player’s movement. Another cool feature is the game allows you to customize courts, and more. 

I read on TMZ, that professional players will be entering this challenge and have recently joined the world of esports. 

Plus, I’m sure NBA players play the system while on the road, it’s a good past time and a hobby. On February 15th NBA 2k16 Road to Finals will begin. Just think about it, let’s say you do decided to join this competition and you’re getting spanked in 2K, take a look at the gamers tag name, it could be me or a NBA player beating you in disguise. Practice and join the movement, but if you win save some money for me!