Board of Governors freezes tuition

Brad Stout, Contributer

The Missouri Southern State University Board of Governors approved a proposal by the University’s Budget Audit Committee to freeze in-state tuition for the 2016-17 academic year Friday, Feb. 19, but the freeze may not be definite.

Under the decision, tuition for undergraduate students who fall in-state or within the University’s Lion Pride tuition rates would remain at $177.03 per credit hour for the next academic year. However, the freeze hinges upon state lawmakers to approve a proposed budget this May.

If the budget, which includes a recommended six percent appropriation increase for Missouri Southern, is not approved, the Board of Governors have reserved the right to dismiss the freeze and instead implement a one percent increase for in-state and Lion Pride tuition, which would bring rates to $178.61 per credit hour.

“We are supporting the core increase that the [Coordinating Board for Higher Education] suggested, which was seven percent,” said Dr. Alan Marble, university president. “The governor has offered six percent, and we would be delighted to have that. Anything in that neighborhood would be very good. Overall, there should be a boost in higher education funding in the state of Missouri. There’s no question about that.”

In addition to the tuition freeze, the Board of Governors heard a presentation from Paula Carson, vice president for academic affairs, on the University’s new “Yours to Lose – Advanced Medical School Acceptance Program.” The program will allow a select number of Southern students to be admitted to the new KCU College of Osteopathic Medicine upon successful completion of Southern’s requirements.

The Board of Governors also approved a draft over the University’s political activity policy and heard reports over the various departments at Missouri Southern.