Finding your own way is difficult, but necessary

Apple sets out to find her way in the world

Apple sets out to find her way in the world

Having never heard of the movie Gimme Shelter, I didn’t know what to expect going in. It wasn’t until I popped it open on Amazon Prime I had a vague idea.

Gimme Shelter is based on a true story, featuring a 16-year-old girl “Apple”. Apple has been in and out of foster care for most of her life, largely in part due to a.) never having met her father and b.) her mother’s drug and alcohol abuse.  

Coming up next Tuesday, Feb. 9 Missouri Southern’s Wellness Office will show Gimme Shelter at 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. The movie will be in Phelps Theatre and is free for students. 

Although many would consider this a “chick-flick”, it’s got a good story. It’s a tribute to woman’s endurance. 

Apple’s mother has issues with drugs, alcohol and although not said, possibly prostitution. Apple runs away to find her father, Tom, played by Brendan Fraser. 

Tom is an affluent businessman who works on Wall Street. 

Apple begins to give Tom a chance, then enter stage right Tom’s psychotic wife, Joanna, played by Stephanie Szostak. 

Joanna doesn’t like Apple from the moment she walks into their house. It quickly becomes apparent that Apple may be pregnant. Joanna takes her to a clinic to find out, and abandons Apple there in true hateful fashion.

Apple’s father talks to her and suggests she “leave it all behind.” At the breakfast table Tom’s wife suggests to Apple that she “leave it all behind as well,” and that she has “made an appointment for her at this other clinic in the morning.”

Through this Apple has been fighting for herself and to get away from the circumstances she found herself in recently. 

At the other clinic, before the doctor even has a chance to come in, she runs. 

Back on the streets, Apple’s situation complicates when a man drives up and tells her to “get in”. She gets in all right – right into the driver’s seat and speeds away. She wrecks the vehicle and wakes up in a hospital.

Apple is taken to a shelter for teen mothers, where she meets the devoted shelter director and a great priest played by James Earl Jones. 

Apple’s mother finds her at the shelter, forcing Apple to run.  She finds Apple later at another location, threatening her yet again.

What happens next? 

Does Apple find her way? Where does she end up? Does she have her baby? 

Join Southern students next Tuesday to find out.