“Yeezus!” Kanye West creates controversy with style, epic beats

Skyler Young, Staff Writer

“Rare,” “exaggerated” and “meticulous” were just a few of many adjectives used to describe Kanye West’s 2016 “Yeezy” Season 3 fashion line, unveiled in Madison Square Garden on Feb. 11.

The artist-turned-fashion designer presented many different looks to fans. His unique clothing managed to come in wide and skinny shapes. 

Before the show, critics were optimistic as to how West would present his collection and if the fans would like it. 

With over 20 million viewers online and in theaters and ticket prices ranging up to three figures, the fashion show was indeed a success. 

Models walked to the artist’s new album, The Life of Pablo. The album was full of epic beats and hooks, but some fans were disappointed. They had thought they would be in for a full concert, but instead were surprised to learn West would be standing behind a podium with his laptop, playing the album through the speaker system. A few witnesses said they heard the artist’s laptop receiving notifications. 

Robin Givhan, of The Washington Post, said, “It was frustrating not to be able to see the clothes up close. But this show was never about fabric or tailoring.” 

Cathy Horyn at The Cut, stated, “The show’s problems were of a different sort, and in a way they reflect the general state of the fashion world in particular.”

West did not agree with what critics had to say, and used social media to present his point of view on critics and fans alike.

Caitlyn Jenner, one of the celebrities in appearance, posed in a photo with West that caused a social media uproar. 

West took to Twitter to defend his former father-in-law, stating, “And I’m proud of this picture with me and Caitlyn. She gave the most heartfelt speech at my wedding. “

With his Season 3 fashion show under his belt, West can now focus on the success of his newly released album. 

Fans all over the country have been gossiping about the music ever since it released. 

As far as a “Yeezy” Season 4 underway, West states it will feature only a kid’s clothing line.