Workout raises scholarship funds


Pablo E. Ortiz

Participants in the 2016 Zumbathon in the Beimdiek Recreation Center danced up a sweat on March 4th. A $15 fee was collected at the door to help fund the Charlotte Ollinger Hopper Scholarship and the GYN Cancers Alliance which benifit suvivors of ovarian cancer.

With over 15 million people around the world participating and over 200,000 locations, Zumba is a world-wide phenomenon. On March 4, 2016, Missouri Southern held its annual Zumbathon event in the Beimdiek Recreation Center from 6 to 9 p.m. 

Zumba is considered to be a traditional workout incorporated with dance moves and great music. How does Zumba work exactly? The workout in itself takes a mix of low-intensity and high-intensity moves for a calorie burning fitness party.

 Luring in many participants from the previous years, Southern was sure to drive in an even bigger crowd to help fund the Charlotte Ollinger Hopper Scholarship along with the GYN Cancers Alliance. 

Charlotte Hopper, associate professor of English department, was diagnosed with one of the world’s leading causes of mortality in March of 2012:stage III-C ovarian cancer. Undergoing many treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery she fought her battle and in the end was successful. After her journey ended with such triumph, her family expressed their thoughts of creating a scholarship to help students facing the same situation or a similar one. 

As the event was open to the public and students, there was a door fee of $15 to collect proceeds. The scholarship is available to full-or-part time students who maintain a 2.5 GPA and are a survivor or the dependent of a patient or survivor within the past five years, or are a cancer patient themselves. If you are awarded the scholarship the funds will aid students in tuition. 

Now, with this year’s annual Zumbathon event under the belt, interested candidates can further their curiosity on the Charlotte Ollinger Hopper website,, for applications for the scholarship itself or registration forms for the next upcoming Zumbathon event. Zumba marketers encourage the world to attend a fun calorie burning party to help fund the charity organization of each event. #MovetoGive