New test offered at Southern to replace GED

High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is now available on campus in Webster 118. In accordance with new Missouri standards, HiSET has replaced the GED for a more cost effective alternative to a high school diploma. The test is primarily taken online now as well leaving fewer error margins for scanner. 

There is a $60 dollar registration cost and a seven dollar fee per test. There are five tests bringing the total sum to $95 dollars. While that may seem like a lot, the average GED cost is $120 with variances from state to state. Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) decided to make the switch. 

“GED moved away from being a non-profit to for profit,” Jeannie Gilbert, testing coordinator, said. 

After the fees, the test may be taken three times in a 12 month period. In this semester alone 76 individuals have tested. 

While the HiSET and GED are similar content wise, they feature different structure. The HiSET covers five areas while the GED covers four. HiSET has split language arts and reading into two separate categories. The HiSET’s sub tests can also be taken in any order. 

Like a super score, the HiSET uses a comprehensive score report which takes the best of every subject and counts them together. This is also what is sent to universities and employers.

The HiSET was developed for people without high school diplomas and are not enrolled. However, it has become a central element of the Missouri Option Program that allows full-time high school students who are at risk of not graduating and above 17 to take it as well. HiSET was also developed for usage alongside Common Core for a more efficient system of graduates. 

“DESE is sensitive to the needs and challenges of many in the HSE (High School Equivalency) population,” Dave Gerber, assistant director of high school equivalency, said, “We’re here to help and serve.”