Chiefs look for talent to fall in draft

Mock drafts are a plenty at this point of the offseason, something we all know, but the latest from the “so-called” expert, Daniel Jeremiah of, really has me salivating. Reason being, he has the Chiefs, at pick 28, stumbling upon the window flopper himself Robert Nkemdiche.

Sure this fella has had his trials and tribulations, that I will admit, but the fact of the matter is he is a monster of a man at 6’3’’, 300 lbs., running a 4.87 forty yard dash time; qualities that relegate subsequent off the field issues to the back burner. 

Now, saying that does not mean these things do not matter they most certainly do, but what we have seen from the Chiefs is a safe-haven for men with troubled histories; IE, last years first round selection and Defensive Rookie of the Year, Marcus Peters. 

This organization has changed people. This organization can compete on levels that not many in the league can; that is to say that this organization has reached the pinnacle and offers men an opportunity worth changing for. Mr. Nkemdiche may be the next to encapsulate that fact if we are so lucky.

Coming out of high school, Nkemdiche was the number one recruit in the nation and looking at his physical stature it is easy to understand why. College offered a willing participant the chance to improve and based upon what he displayed throughout his tenure that seems to be the case. The NFL Combine in yet another platform to display that growth and he did that once again.

Still, the transgressions of his past linger like the robust odor of a freshly worn uniform, and in this case, it could be a blessing in disguise for all parties involved. The Chiefs are a few impact performers from reaching the promise land and one of the glaring issues over the last number of years has been interior line play. 

By no means is he the end-all-be-all, but his push and subsequent pressure could create the extra havoc that this team needs to become the bully we all want.