Finding yourself in college

This being my senior year, I have spent a lot of my time reflecting on my past years at Missouri Southern. Asking myself how I could have better prepared myself, or even how I could better prepare someone else to get the most out of their college experience. I thought about the strategies I should have used to get homework done on time, double-checking my account balance at the Bursar’s office, and all the times I met with my advisor to touch base. All of these things are great in maintaining a good standing as a student but my college experience didn’t start until I started reaching out of my comfort zone.

Missouri Southern is the perfect university for this. I say that because they offer so many different opportunities to choose from. When I first transferred my sophomore year from Crowder College I was excited, anxious, and naïve. If it wasn’t for a coworker begging me to join her sorority or my advisor enrolling me in a practicum I would have never met the life long friends that pushed me to go to luncheons, travel abroad, and become part of the executive board. I would have never transformed into the leader I am today. The moral of the story is to keep pushing yourself through college, join as many organizations as possible, and try to say “yes” to every opportunity presented to you at Missouri Southern. Most of all, as said by Dr. Kim, “Trust in your ability.” You wont regret it.