Student Senate elections next week


Starting from bottom left moving clockwise, Student Senators Gerson Perez, freshman public relations major, Claire Mason, freshman nursing major, Abigail McGuire, public relations and spanish major, and Alexis Murphy, freshman communication major discuss possible chartiy organizations to support for next years philanthropy initiative during Wednesdays Public Relations Committee meeting.

The Missouri Southern Student Senate convened for their weekly meeting Wednesday evening in the third-floor conference room of the Billingsly Student Center.  

During the abbreviated session, the body announced voting to elect new representatives and officers for next semester’s Senate will be held on April 25 and 26.

The new officers and representatives are named through general elections of the student body. 

The Senate will swear in the newly elected officers May 4 during the Senate’s final session of the year. The Senate is composed of six types of voting members, the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and elected Senators, made up of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

In other news, Treasurer Eli Moran, senior biology major, announced the Senates current budget is $64,112.63 after the University recently added $19,000 to the balance. 

The new funds are thanks to the spring portion of the rollover amount the Senate receives every semester. The amount of the deposit varies proportionally with student enrollment numbers. 

Elsewhere, the Senates Public Relations Committee announced they are currently working to find a new charity project to work on for next year and are considering Trinity Circle Horses Healing Hearts. The organization aims to help those with PTSD, returning vets, troubled teens, and people with emotional trauma recover through interaction with horses.  

In addition, Student Senate advisor Darren S. Fullerton, Vice President of Student Affairs, reported he would be purchasing two new barbecue grills upon receipt of the order information from the Senate.The body passed a resolution for the acquisition of the new equipment on March 30. The grills, which cost $89.99 each, will be installed under the pavilion near the biology pond and replace the old grill. 

According to Teddy Pashia, sophomore conservation biology major, the old grill currently at the location is not usable.

“It’s rusted, and if you try to lift the lid you can burn your hands so having some newer grills down there will be nice,” he said. “I think it will encourage more students to use that area.” 

The total cost of the project, including concrete, and labor, will be approximately $250 and will be deducted from the Senate’s budget.