Trans-phobia in American continues

On March 24, the Governor of North Carolina signed a bill which, among other things, restricted access to restroom facilities to the sex identified on a person’s birth certificate. 

This is but one of the many anti-LGBTQ bills showing up in states being mascaraed as a bill to ensure religious freedom. 

Religious freedom is something that we need, don’t get me wrong. 

It’s so important to this country we have a little thing called the First Amendment to protect it. 

The idea that a state like North Carolina needs to enact a bill in an attempt to help the First Amendment is insulting, but that’s not the true issue at stake here. 

Men and women are now being forced to use the bathrooms and locker-rooms of the gender they don’t belong to. 

It is a process that is humiliating for the very reason that North Carolina enacted the bill. 

The concept that the legislature of North Carolina wants to convey as that they believe that an unacceptable majority of transsexual persons, particularly those that identify as women, are going through a long, arduous process for no other reason than to peep on women in bathroom stalls. 

That process is unbelievably long and arduous, by the way. 

A typical sex change requires no less than five surgeries, including facial feminization or masculinization surgery, tracheal shave or construction, and breast augmentation depending on the individual, and hormone therapy. 

The sexual reassignment surgery itself often requires the agreement of not one but two psychiatric specialists. 

It takes years and when the person is done with their transition they look exactly like the sex they identify as, not as many may believe like Robin Williams or Willam Defoe in a wig. 

Modern hormone and surgical modifications are so good in fact I’ll bet you’ve already shared a bathroom with a trans person and you didn’t know it. 

Guess what, you’re fine. Nothing happened. 

Four states will not change the gender of birth certificates.

 A majority of states require a form, stating the entire process is finished, before the state will change the birth certificate or issue a new one. North Carolina just sentenced people who have facial features, body shape, voice, and mind of a female or a male to use the bathroom of another gender. 

To what purpose? Why is this a law? How can this be enforced? It’s not like each bathroom in the state has a TSA agent there checking birth certificates. 

No, there’s only two times where this would ever come into play. It allows North Carolina to punish LGBTQ friendly businesses that don’t conform to enforcement, and it can and will be used to identify trans youth in schools. 

It will single out a group of young people that already are known for low self-esteem and high instances of self-harm and force them to be singled out as different to an already judgmental group of classmates. It’s state enforced ostracism in education that will only lead to more social pressure, more psychological trauma, and more student suicide. 

For some reason North Carolina thinks we need another way of identifying who it’s alright to discriminate against.