Student Senate approves tunnel mural


The individual panels of the mural will feature inspirational quotes and students learning, having fun and achieving their dreams. Color palettes, shapes, and logos used by the University will be integrated into the overall design, but are not to take away from the creative aspect of composing the mural. In order to create these images, the Art Department and Focal Point, the student art organization, will collect photographic references from each club, office, and the University Marketing department to accurately depict what is happening on campus. After all the data is collected, they will begin drawing a scaled version of the mural on paper using the photos as a guide.  

Missouri Southern’s campus just got an upgrade thanks to the Student Senate. The body unanimously approved $16,400 in funds to create a mural inside the tunnel that runs underneath Newman road between the residence halls and the parking lots.   

The mural will cover the entirety of the 300-foot tunnel and reflect campus activities, student clubs/organizations, sports teams, academic life, and inspiring moments in the campus’ history in its design.

The piece will be designed and painted by the Art Department and their student organization, Focal Point.  The project is estimated to take two years to complete.

Burt Bucher, associate professor of art, says he spent an estimated 80 hours coming up with the initial design. According to him, the scene will be painted inside the art department in sections on a canvas-like material and later affixed to the tunnel with an acrylic paste similar in strength to plastic. He estimates the art can last up to 70 years. 

“The mural brands the art department and the students at Southern as high quality,” he said. “It also shows the quality of the faculty. We’re pushing and pioneering the limits of what people thought was possible. Instead of looking to an outside national company, we’re doing it in house with quality professionals.” 

The mural is expected to be the largest in the region. Focal Point also felt it was important for students to have a visual reminder of why they are here, what they are pursuing and how it will shape their future. 

“It will enhance the student moral,” said Focal Point President Lydia Humphreys, sophomore studio art major. Students walking through the tunnel every day will be encouraged by the quotes and the colors. It creates a mood that will be uplifting. It will be extremely beneficial for our students to have something they can be proud of.” 

The Student Senate has been working to get the mural approved for three years. 

“It feels great because we’re closing a chapter on not just our work but past Senate’s as well,” said Senate President Kyle Prisock. “It’s a beautiful enhancement to our campus and will be an inspirational piece of art.