Down goes Curry


During the Golden State Warriors open round playoff series against the Houston Rockets, shooting guard Stephen Curry suffered an knee injury. Doctors estimate the 28-year-old will miss 2-3 weeks. The Warriors are attempting to become the first team to win back to back championships since the Miami Heat.

Cody Lee, Staff Writer

By now most people have heard that Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has a strained MCL that will cost him at least two weeks of the playoffs. Now this would usually not be a big deal but after the Warriors went 73-9 to break the single season wins record it was just expected of them to go on and win the NBA championship and finish off what would be the greatest season in professional basketball history. It also wouldn’t be a huge issue if Curry hadn’t just won the MVP last season and followed that up with an even better year this year which will most likely end up in another MVP. I’m just here to tell you not to worry about the Warriors; I still have them picked to repeat as champions, even if Curry has to miss more then a couple weeks of action. Their opponent in the next round will either be the Los Angeles Clippers or the Portland Trailblazers, both of whom are limping to the end of their series. The Clippers have lost both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the best players on the team for the rest of the playoffs and the Trailblazers have been considered a Cinderella story all year so I don’t think that either one of those teams will give the Warriors much problems. After that series the Warriors will most likely face the San Antonio Spurs and by then Curry should be back. During the regular season the Warriors handled the Spurs fairly easily so there should be no problem if Curry is back and healthy. At that point you have to assume that they will be facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals as a repeat of last years showdown between LeBron James and Curry. Even with Curry out the first couple of games of the Western Conference Semifinals the Warriors are just to good of a team to lose in the next round. Some people believe that the Spurs will beat them with or without Curry but I am here to tell you right now that even if Steph doesn’t make it back during the playoffs that the Golden State Warriors will still repeat as basketball champions of the world. You heard it here first.