Our Opinion: An ill-fated alliance

Republican Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich have teamed up in a last ditch effort to stop Donald Trump for getting the parties nomination for President. The former foes have decided to not campaign in states where they feel the other stands a chance of winning. 

However, after announcing their newly created alliance on Monday, the union is already starting to fracture. 

At a rally on Thursday with Carly Fiorina, his would-be running mate, Cruz was asked about the the agreement, which stipulated that Kasich would cede Indiana to Cruz if Cruz abandoned plans to campaign in New Mexico and Oregon. (Kasich instantly complicated matters by urging Indiana voters on Monday to support him, anyway.)

“I recognize that the media is all eager to talk about an alliance,” said Cruz. “There is no alliance. Kasich and I made a determination where to focus our energies, where to focus our assets, where to focus our resources.”

While Cruz said the two agreed that Trump would be a disastrous Republican nominee, Cruz cast Kasich’s participation in the gambit as something less than altruistic.

With Trump sweeping the five east coast states up for grabs Tuesday, his nomination now seems certain. 

It’s time for Republicans to rally around Trump and listen to the voters. The party has made their bed, now they have to lie in it.