Events planned to remember May 22 Joplin tornado


The Joplin community will have four continuous days of memorial events to remember those lost in the historic May 22, 2011 F5 tornado, sponsored by various city and charity organizations under the banner of Joplin Proud. 

In May 2016, the Joplin community will mark five years since the devastating tornado that tore through the city and through the city of Duquesne.  

To honor this occasion, there will be four days of events to remember what was lost.  These events were properly given the name, Joplin Proud.  

This occasion has been created and announced with the goal of remembering what the community lost, to thank the volunteers who came to the aid, and to be proud of the progress that has been made as a community.  

Throughout the last several months, many volunteers have continued to work hard to create a variety of events to mark this occasion.  During the month of April, Joplin Proud offered an opportunity for citizens to express their thoughts and feelings on Joplin’s progress and challenges that have brought the community to this anniversary through journals that were provided by the organization.  

In addition, on Tuesday, May 17 there will be a Joplin Proud Spring Cleaning to volunteer to help beautify Joplin with projects planned in conjunction with the City of Joplin.  Projects include street, stream, and park clean up and tree watering.  

Thursday, May 19is when the busy weekend of events start.  There are several things happening, but some of the events include the Joplin Disaster Recovery Summit- Real People, Real Experiences, Real Lessons, which is going to be held on Missouri Southern’s campus.  This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear lessons learned from communities across the Midwest that experienced some of the worst natural disasters from the last decade.  There is also a Joplin Memorial Marathon run, as well as a Walk of Silence, and several other tours, sporting events, and the weekend concludes with the Joplin High School Graduation and a Gathering of Remembrance and Hope on Sunday evening. 

Ann Leach describes herself as “a worker bee” for Joplin Proud.  

“We are all volunteers.  This is just a special committee of lots of community folks who wanted to be sure we acknowledged the tornado anniversary in a variety of special ways,” Leach said.  

She is specifically involved as the chair of Journal Joplin!, Wings & Wonder, and Pride, Progress and Potato Salad.  

“The anniversary weekend events offer something for everyone,” Leach said, “You can be as much a part of things as you desire to be, but all of these opportunities are about remembering, honoring and acknowledging how far we have comes as a community since May 22, 2011.” 

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