Southern music department presents concert twinbill


Callie Woods

Southern Brass Choir members performed in Corley Auditorium on May 7. Performers included: Trumpet: Trevor Berger, Tyler Jones, Cayla Roanhorse, Oliver Smith, Horn: Danielle York, Trombone: Jared Liggett, Euphonium: Kenny Mobley, Tuba: Alex Mauser and Nathan Riley.

The Missouri Southern Music Department presented a Chamber Winds Concert on Monday, May 2, in Corley Auditorium.  

The recital was described as a concert of chamber pieces for brass and woodwinds.  

Cheryl Cotter, director, explained students had one coaching session and rehersal per week to prepare for the concert.  

Glistening brass horns, tubas, and trombones backed up the powerful trumpet ensembles after a smooth melody from the clarinet pieces set the tone for the evening.  Several different arrangements and pieces were provided dating all the way back to the 1500’s through the early 2000’s. 

“The audience was expected to hear a variety of genres ranging from early Renaissance to pop tunes,” said Cotter.

In addition, on the same evening, William Neely, adjunct percussion instructor, premiered a Southern Percussion Ensemble concert.  This event was held at the Bud Walton Black Box Theatre.  

“The percussion ensemble is comprised of 17 members,” Neely said.

“Our personnel consists of both music and non-music majors ranging from freshmen to seniors,” Neely continued. “This was our second of two concerts of the semester, which has not been done on our campus in several years.  This challenge was presented to the students and they exceeded expectations!  It has been a joy to work with such talented individuals.”

The concert could be described as very diverse and included several different genres. 

Neely said as an audience member, “You experienced Japanese Taiko Drumming, steel pans from Trinidad and Tobago, and of course, Western art music with a pinch of popular music for good measure.”

The theater boomed with rhythm as the students showed off their talent showcasing everything from a tribute to the rock band Radiohead, to an Island style mixture.  

A powerful drum battle ended the night with a beat that the crowd took home with them.   

Upcoming Missouri Southern music department events include: Saturday, May 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the Ozark Christian College Chapel, Pro Musica’s Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play.  

Also, Friday, June 24 at 8:00 p.m. on the Oval is the Pro Musica’s 36th Joplin PoPs Concert Warrensburg Community Band.  

Tickets are required for both of those events.