Performance enhancing drugs also enhance entertainment

Recent suspensions of three Major League Baseball players including superstar Dee Gordon of the Miami Marlins for the use of PED’s got me thinking about if steroids are actually bad for the game or not. 

First off I understand that it’s against the rules, I just wonder if maybe baseball would be better off letting all of it’s athletes use performance enhancing drugs. 

I say let the players use steroids; as long as everyone else is juicing it wouldn’t be considered cheating. Rules are meant to be broken but in this case baseball would just be looking the other way and allowing players to make the games interesting for fans again. They don’t have to change the rules making steroids legal, they just have to allow them to use supplements without punishment. Some players would choose to stay clean and keep the integrity of the game but the league would surely leave them behind on their way back to relevance.

If pitchers started using PED’s they would throw harder and deal with less injuries, which would be another positive for baseball.

In 1998 when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were having a legendary homerun battle, which ended with McGwire hitting a record 70 homeruns, and Sosa hitting 66, baseball had never been more popular. 

Fans love to see homeruns, its one of the toughest things to do in sports, hitting a round ball with a round bat 400 feet. 

I’m in the minority when I say that I love to see pitching battles, a final score of 1-0 means that both pitchers did their job about as well as can be expected, but due to attendance to major league games in the last couple of years its very unpopular to want to go watch a game as “boring” as that. 

People will say that steroids are bad for the game because players from past generations didn’t use them, which will skew career records. 

Maybe players of the past didn’t use steroids per say but it’s a fact that they had other genius ways of cheating such as pine tar on the bats, or Vaseline on the pitchers cap to give them better grip on pitches, all of which were never given a second thought. 

Let players use steroids and lets get back to massive homeruns and more fans in the stands.