Don’t shy away from the controversy NBA

Kelvin Dulley II

Something the National Football League has done well  since the beginning of their 2016-2017 season is allow police brutality protest. The Colin Kaepernick-inspired anthem protest quickly made its way to NFL sidelines and eventually on sidelines across America.

Given the huge amount of star power in the National Basketball Association, many people were wondering if the stars of the NBA would follow suit and kneel during the National Anthem. The NBA commissioner Adam Silver along with  union head Michele Roberts  quickly shot down that notion.

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association issued a joint statement to all players in what appeared to be an attempt to prevent players from protesting during the anthem prior to the season. The NBA actually has explicit rules against anthem protest also.  A rule that I think is absurd.

Like I previously stated, the NBA has more star power in its league than the NFL has in theirs.  That means their stars have greater economic contributions and greater influence in the communities.

Just imagine the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or Stephen Curry protesting the anthem. That would most definitely push the envelope towards change at a much quicker rate than Kaepernick. And I’m basing that off star power and influence alone.

The NBA is trying to support the players, but also… prevent controversy that could harm their image or sponsor relationships. The NBA wants to be seen as a league that is politically correct unlike the NFL.

I admire the efforts shown by the WNBA  and its players for protesting during games over the summer. The NBA could learn something from their WNBA counterparts. The WNBA lacks the overall star power but they got their point across, something the NBA’s stars could easily do.  

This is an issue the NBA shouldn’t try to avoid, given the star power they wield. The NBA‘s players aren’t driven by just money unlike many NFL players.