32-hour weeks could become the norm

Jack Girard

Workplaces are in a constant state of change, but one condition that people under the age of thirty have to contest with is that part-time jobs may just become the norm.

It makes a lot of sense with where America is at. People need time at home to attend to their lives and companies always need extra money, so it makes sense.

This is on a corporate level too; not just food and retail. Three-day weekend every week sounds cool right? That is until you start wondering about benefits. Those often don’t come with part time jobs.

Health Insurance? Dental plan? 401(k) matching? That’s all on the cutting room table. Odds are, you’ll get to keep a few, but it’s not going to be a lot if you choose it.

Also, you may not choose it. The company may force you and call you an involuntary part time worker. That’s happening a lot now. It contributes to our seemingly low unemployment numbers. How did this happen? Is the economy that bad?

If you think back hard about five years ago, there was a little law passed called the Affordable Care act. It expanded what the law requires companies to give full time workers. It was a great idea that went awry.

It didn’t expand what part-time workers are required to get. So, each company has to decide whether they want a smaller crew with great health care coverage or a larger crew that doesn’t have good coverage and is in the office less.

If they’re lucky, they might be able to do a little of both. That decision is up to the executives though. Whatever the decide, I understand, but its a condition people need to be aware of coming into the workplace.