Student board takes loss on Valentine gifts

Jeff Reid

The students have spoken, and the meeting time for the Campus Activities Board was changed.

But that seems to be all the students wanted to say, as only seven people were in attendance.

“We expected attendance to drop by moving the meeting time, but it’s what the students voted for,” said Julie Blackford, director of student activities.

Up for discussion were many new ideas for the spring semester, including Valentine’s Day gifts, Battle of the Bands and possible lectures.

For Valentine’s Day, CAB will again be selling gift packages, which include a mug, a stuffed animal and candy.

The Board is expected to begin selling the gift sets to students on Feb. 10, and will begin selling to faculty and staff at some point later. While CAB is spending $6.50 per set, it will sell the sets for an even $5.

Students may also see the yearly Battle of the Bands contest take on a different twist. Josh Doak, junior general business major, expressed his concerns.

“I’m a little uncomfortable with it,” he said. “I would like to see something more like a talent show.”

Several ideas were tossed around, including the possibility of a talent show MC’d by a comedian or other type of celebrity.

The Board also discussed possibly doing something for National Volunteer Week.

“I think it would help us, because everyone has been bashing us,” said Lyndse Bergen, sophomore elementary education major. “People see the student activities fee on their bill from the College, and kinda freak out.”

Several ideas were discussed regarding the subject, but nothing was firmly decided upon.

The main topic of the meeting, however, was potentially sponsoring a lecture or debate and what the focus could be.

Jason Givens, junior undecided major, summed it up.

“We’ve got to find something that will draw in a lot of people, and that’s hard,” he said.

Discussion was focused on mainly three subjects: capital punishment, cloning and the existence of God. The last subject, however, was the most popular.

Instead of a lecture, the idea was to have people on both sides of the issue come and host a debate.

“One thing about that [the lecture] is you’re gonna get all kinds,” Givens said.

The next meeting is set for 2 p.m. Monday on the second floor of the Billingsly Student Center and is open to all students.