Duquesne Road still not safe

Duquesne Road still not safe

Duquesne Road still not safe

As the crosswalk safety projects near final completion, many students are wondering whether Duquesne Road has actually become safer.

Construction workers have been working hard to make the crossings safer on Duquesne and Newman roads, but it almost seems as though Duquesne has become less safe than before.

A concrete barrier, the “Duquesne Wall,” built on that road east of Webster Hall and Taylor Hall, has made driving more dangerous and crossing less pleasing for pedestrians.

The barrier obstructs the vision of drivers, making it even more difficult to see people crossing the street. It also makes turning left out of the parking lots nearly impossible.

Drivers can turn left out of one lot behind Webster Hall, but many don’t dare.

Because vision is obstructed, a collision with another car is a high possibility.

Safety is the main concern, but convenience has also been hindered. Because they can’t turn left, drivers add time and distance to their trips when leaving Missouri Southern.

Many students have also complained that simply driving along the barrier is difficult because the road seems more narrow.

The College is spending more than $380,000 on this safety project. While students and employees at Southern appreciate the great effort, the College could spend that money on much better things than a wall that is defeating the project’s purpose.