Alcohol policy hypocritical

Alcohol policy hypocritical

Alcohol policy hypocritical

It is a well-known fact that Missouri Southern does not allow alcohol on its grounds.

Unfortunately, a bit of hypocrisy has crept into that dry-campus policy.

Students are forbidden from even bringing closed containers anywhere on campus. According to policy, one would think faculty and outsiders are also not allowed to do so. Unfairly, that appears not to be the case.

At various faculty functions and events for outsiders at the College, alcohol has been served. To students who face severe punishment for even bringing a closed container on campus, that simply is not fair.

Members of the Student Senate are trying to make things fair again. They are forming a committee to petition the College to create an alcohol resolution. This resolution would prevent anyone and everyone from bringing alcohol on campus.

These members of the Student Senate should be commended for their efforts to create fairness. If one person cannot consume alcohol on campus, the next person should not be able to either.

This, however, raises an interesting issue. Will this resolution actually prevent alcohol-related problems? When it comes to students, the answer is no. College students are going to drink, period.

Maybe it is time for the College to consider what many students have been asking for throughout the years – a wet campus where alcohol is allowed for those of age.

It is a solution to at least think about.