Club looks to attract women from all walks of life

Mandi Steele

Women who want to build their networking skills might want to try out the Women In Business Club.

The club began in September 2002 and is looking to expand membership. It helps women see what is available to them and lets them meet new people, said Amber Phipps, junior health promotion and wellness major and club president.

“It’s amazing what all is out there,” she said.

Women In Business meets at 12:15 on the last Thursday of every month in Matthews Hall, Room 213. Speakers frequently attend the meeting and lunch is usually provided.

“The main purpose of the club is just to bring together women from very diverse occupations,” said Connie J. Brewer, faculty sponsor of the club and instructor of business.

She said women who work in businesses around Joplin have visited the meetings to speak and answer questions. One such visitor is Susan Holmes, who started her own business in town, Piller Patch Gifts. Future activities are in the works. Brewer said she would like to plan a “girl’s night out,” a golf tournament and maybe a male masseur visit.

“We’ve got lots of things planned,” she said.

The club is still trying to establish its bylaws and rules so that it will be recognized by the Campus Activities Board and Student Senate. As of now, the club does not charge a membership fee, but Phipps said a small fee will probably be in effect by next semester.

“I just want to encourage people to come in,” Phipps said.

She said anyone who wants to join is welcome.

“This is kind of like a resumé builder,” she said.

By meeting prominent women in the Joplin community and going to job expos, Phipps said members can work on their networking.

The club provides an opportunity for everyone to grow both professionally and personally, Brewer said.

At the last meeting, Phipps said there were 23 attendees. The women are from a variety of different majors and years in college.

“The more people you have from different backgrounds, the more fun it is,” Brewer said. “We’re just looking for everybody from all different walks of life.”

Those interested in joining or attending the Women In Business Club can contact Brewer at 625-9858 or Phipps at 627-0257.