College offers two meal plans

College offers two meal plans

College offers two meal plans

After years of complaints from students, the College is finally making the move to offer different options for meal plans.

Beginning in the 2003 fall semester, residence hall students will have two options: a 20-meal plan or 10-meal plan per week. Each plan will also offer students the opportunity to exchange breakfast or lunch in the cafeteria for those meals in the Lion’s Den.

As Doug Carnahan, dean of students, put it, the old single plan of just 20 meals a week is a “dinosaur.” It’s definitely time for a change.

Students have complained they never eat all 20 meals they pay for, so they feel like they are wasting their money. The College is finally listening.

With the new option of just 10 meals a week, many students will be appeased. And the choice of eating breakfast or lunch in the Lion’s Den offers convenience to those who may not always have the time to walk to the other side of campus for a meal.

The only downside to these new options is that residence hall fees will increase 10 percent for the 2003 fall semester. The new meal plans, however, are not the only reason for the increase. Many other factors, such as normal yearly increases and a new food service company, will contribute to the hike.

Besides, judging from past complaints about the lack of options, students will be willing to pay that extra 10 percent.

It’s great the College finally noticed students want quantity of options, not just a quantity of meals.