Mutual respect, fun essential

Mutual respect, fun essential

Mutual respect, fun essential

In the past, when each intramural sport season began, a feeling of cheer seemed to spread across the campus.

Friends formed teams. They became excited about the opportunity to have fun while playing a sport.

Unfortunately, that fun reputation may have been tarnished Feb. 3 when a fight occurred during an intramural basketball game.

A student referee called a technical foul against a player, which angered the player, and he began to yell. As a result, the referee ejected him from the game.

The player approached the referee from behind, knocking him to the ground.

The Joplin Police Department was contacted, and the player was arrested and taken from the scene.

This incident is disappointing in itself, but the worst part is, the player who committed the violent act, is a former athlete at the College. As an athlete, the assailant should know the rules of conduct in such games.

The referee, on the other hand, should be commended for not fighting back. Retaliation would only have made the situation worse.

Since childhood, we’ve been taught that if the game isn’t fun, it’s not worth playing. How much fun can someone have during an intramural competition if he or she is afraid of being attacked?

Sportsmanship should be practiced during intramurals. Players should have mutual respect for each other, and most of all, they should just have fun.

This time around, however, instead of practicing sportsmanship, that principle was violated.

Will intramurals ever be the same again at Southern?